Louisiana Gulf Coast Fishing: Expect an Adventure

Amberjack, mackerel, snapper galore! Trigger fish, grouper, blue marlin and more! These are but a few of the fishy bounty of Louisiana’s Gulf Coast fishing scene. In addition to a plethora of game, Louisiana’s gulf boasts sparkling open waters, clear blue skies and the satisfying sensation of salty ocean breeze over fisherman’s skin. What a way to feel alive, under the southern sun: a fisher, a rod and a boat ready for action.

The Louisiana coast is rife with opportune areas, perfect pockets of watery wildlife waiting to be fished. So ready your lure and tackle and get started in the exceptional shallow water in and around Lake Pontchartrain surrounding St. Tammany Parish. This area includes Lake Borgne and Chandeleur Sound, which are known for providing the some of the tastiest redfish and flounder cuts around. The deeper waters of Lake Borgne are also known to harbor fine specimens of speckled trout. Be sure to come prepared with the proper equipment to handle whatever you may hook!

Just south of Borgne and Chandeleur Sound lies Plaquemine’s Parish, home to Buras, Empire and Venice. All of these areas offer direct access to both shallow and deep saltwater fishing, including the famous Midnight Lump, which sits roughly fifty miles Southwest of Venice itself. The Midnight Lump is the perfect place to lure in larger prizes such as yellowfin tuna and even mako sharks! Keep the seasons in mind when fishing, noting that such predatory species are doubly likely to bite in the winter and early spring, from January to March.

West of these fantastic fishing fixes lies the Calcasieu Estuary, one of the world’s most prolific fishing spots, nationally heralded as a perfect place for trophy trout. Fishing on the Calcasieu River and surrounding gulf is said by many to be a unique experience, for the waters are so rife with black drum, sand trout, sheepshead, croakers and ladyfish what you’ll hook is always a surprise. Locals and experts recommend hiring a guide who can show you the when’s and where’s of fishing in Louisiana, to ensure you get the very most out of your experience.

Keep the following tips in mind while fishing on the Louisiana coast (and in general) to maximize your success!

1. Follow the fish! They will move to shallow water as the temperature warms and deeper water as it cools.
2. Fish in moving water. Fish face into the current, so cast in front of them so that they see your bait.
3. Avoid brightly colored clothing, as some fish can actually detect your presence above water and will be less likely to feed.
4. Be easy. Fish sense vibrations, so don’t bounce your bait around too much. Gulf Coast Western reviews
5. Be sure to always have the best lures on line. You can find some great ones from Pico Lures here:

Have fun fishing on the Louisiana coast. Tips up and tight lines!

Know where to go on the Louisiana Gulf Coast–and when to get there. Hire a guide, be sure your lures are top quality and follow the basic guidelines of fishing for optimal results. Expect a wide variety in your catch and be prepared for some of the biggest, most sought-after predatory fish common in the LA Gulf Coast area.



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