How to Grow a Garden in Greenhouse

Simple Tips to Grow Flowers and Vegetables Organically

Do gardening using greenhouse techniques and grow vegetables and flowers in an environment-friendly way.

Have you ever enjoyed your annuals in the summer time, but then were sad when the freezing temperatures of October and November killed those plants? Perhaps you had a beautiful large coleus one year and left it outside during the winter and could never find that variety again.

Others may like to have fresh summer vegetables in the winter time. Whatever the reason, many of you would like to have a greenhouse to grow a garden in the winter.

What do you need to build a greenhouse? opticlimate

To build a greenhouse, you need:

1. Greenhouse kits are great for the beginner. There are many greenhouse kits available which you can get from some of the bigger garden centers or off of the internet. These centers offer a whole array of greenhouse kits and materials to build your own greenhouse from scratch.

Depending on how many plants you want to grow, you need to choose a greenhouse kit. If you are only beginning, you should probably consider buying a smaller greenhouse that will consume less energy and warm up faster.

2. A heater is required for people further north and in cold climates. This is especially the case if you want to propagate annuals or grow tomatoes during the winter time. Annuals and tomatoes cannot handle freezing temperatures, so if you want to successfully propagate annuals such as impatients and coleus, you should have the temperature in your greenhouse set at about 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Most greenhouse heaters of good quality come with thermostatic control.

3. Growth lamps might be necessary in the more northern regions of the world to successfully grow and propagate some annuals which are of tropical or subtropical origin. They are required because during winter time, the days are much shorter than closer to the equator.

Furthermore, in many northern regions, the majority of days are overcast, severely limiting the sun’s light from feeding your plants. This is where the growth lamps can come in handy. Growth lamps should be suspended from the ceiling.

4. Solar heat trapping glass or plastic is a must for building a greenhouse from scratch. Greenhouses keep a good percentage of their heat by the sun. The greenhouse materials let the sun’s heat come in but do not let it out.

The northern side of the greenhouse

You need to remember that the northern side of your greenhouse is the coldest area and exposed to the coldest temperatures. In many regions in the northern United States and Canada, the cold winter winds come from the North. How the north wall of your greenhouse is insulated is critical to be able to successfully raise your plants during the winter.

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