Hotel Furniture – Antique Or Modern?

It leaves a lot of people confused when they’re trying to kit out their hotel with the best furniture, and the decision of whether to opt for antique hotel furniture or contemporary hotel furniture can seem difficult to make. For many people, it is their personal preferences that ultimately decide the style of hotel furniture, whereas other people go with what they think their customers will like. In fact, you should weigh up both sides to make your final decision, because you want to make sure the guests like it but equally make sure that you are willing to pay for it and are prepared to look at it every day in your hotel. hotel furniture manufacturers 

Antique Looks Impressive

There are many differing arguments for opting for antique or modern furniture. The antique hotel furniture fans are generally looking for something that will complement the age of the building and the decor inside. Things like parquet flooring and wall panelling cry out for antique furniture to be neatly positioned in the rooms. The problem with antique furniture is the cost, and many simply cannot afford expensive pieces in their already costly hotel. In this case, bear in mind that there are many contract hotel suppliers that supply antique style hotel furniture that give you the antiquated look and feel, but with a rather modern price tag. This is a great option for people wanting to give a really good impression in their hotel.

Modern Matches Today’s Generation

Of course, in today’s modern generation, there is an increasing demand for contemporary furniture to be used in hotels. In general, this type of hotel furniture will be seen in boutique style hotels and B&B’s where simplicity and chic elegance is a necessity. In smaller establishments, dark antique furniture is overpowering and that’s why you will usually find fresh, modern furniture in the smaller hotels. The young generation tend to prefer this type of furniture, whereas many elders will opt for antique every time. If you are the hotel owner, it is a case of weighing up which style will best suit your hotel and which you can afford. Since hotels don’t really have a target audience, as anyone can stay there, it is very difficult to know what furniture everyone is going to like. But remember the golden rule – choose inoffensive, stylish hotel furniture and you should be fine. Things go wrong when people look too much into the specifics and choose furniture with imported silk upholstery from Japan and suchlike. Your guests won’t care where it’s from, as long as it looks good and is comfortable.

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